Revanche bicycles

I’ve still got two frames that are ready to be built up, so all’s not lost after the break in last week.

I’m missing some components to finish building them up. so they’re not quite ready yet.


I’m busy working on the replacements to those bikes that have been stolen.

Not quite finished working out the details, but the plan is for:


a road singlespeed, it’s a perfect commuting bike I think. It’s cheap to build up as a show bike. Nice and light as well.

another Randonneur, intended for gravel, the other was biased to asphalt. so 650b, not 700c. Not sure if IGH or 2×10.

a cruiser, my green 1963 cruiser will be brought bang up to date,by going on a serious diet and increasing torsional resistance, hopefully without losing the style.SS most probl.

another 29er, the bags Scott from porcelain rocket made for me were off the bikes as I was working on them, so the 27.5 backpacker and the 29er will morph into something that is much more versatile. The system works, and I’ll be able to refine it after having ridden the other.

an extreme mtb, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, it’s clear in my head.

A 24″ cruiser,Either race or park bike. probably a mix of the two. I think it makes sense for what I can do in steel.

longer away, but have some ideas for a mixed medium TT bike.

road signature bike.



I remember the first bike I bought here in Barcelona, it got stolen after two weeks.

All my coworkers sucked their teeth and said I was stupid for having spent ‘so much money’ about 450e, all in, ten years ago nearly, on a bicycle.

I don’t like that kind of thinking. I don’t like living in fear.

So I went out and bought another bike, it cost twice as much. I cut down on everything I could to pay for it.

second folder I bought, a dahon full suspension, the shop said it was good for mtb trails, so I took it up and down the mountain. I rode trails I'd later only really get the hang of with 2.4 downhill tyres and 150mm of suspension front and rear. I was on 20" slicks, with about 15mm suspension. Virtus probata florescit.

second folder I bought, a dahon full suspension, the shop said it was good for mtb trails, so I took it up and down the mountain. I rode trails I’d later only really get the hang of with 2.4 downhill tyres and 150mm of suspension front and rear. I was on 20″ slicks, with about 15mm suspension. Just get on with it.

It was better, but not good.

I sold it and bought another, brought my road bike from Italy, bought another, then another, sold one, went on to own ten bikes.

mine, all mine, actually, they've all been sold. the memories remain.

mine, all mine, actually, they’ve all been sold. the memories remain.

Now I’m a framebuilder, and I have a bikeshop.

I’ve had four bikes stolen.

Great, I’m going to build eight.

And they’ll be twice as fucking good. At least.

So, yes, delays. so yes, even more overtime on the overtime I’m already working.


Virtus probata florescit.

That’s latin for, through trials, your virtue flourishes.


I find comfort in quotes, it’s other’s experience and hope, and faith and valour.

Those few words that have been repeated by men and women for a long time.

People that have gone through just as much shit as I have, probably more.

I say these things to myself because I believe in them.


I say these things because it helps me hold on when the world turns dark.

Because it does. It turns black, very black indeed.


I accept the darkness. It’s no stranger.


When you’ve given up the ghost, everything follows with dead certainty, even in the midst of chaos.

That’s how Henry Miller, in Tropic of capricorn says the same thing.

It’s like picking a line, on a mtb, dedication is half the strategy. or seeing a gap in traffic, jumping to draft a lorry on the road bike.Hitting a berm, a wheelie drop off a wall. It’s not hard. What’s hard is believing you can.

Dedication. Commitment.


That’s all it is.


And when, not if, when it goes wrong, getting up again.

And again.


Because this is Revanche, not Unicorns and Rainbows (bike co).

If something goes wrong I won’t sit down and cry.


When something goes wrong I have to get up and get back on ASAP.


So I’ll get on with gettin on.

No complaints, just work.

No more blogging quotas, if I’ve got something to say it, I’ll say it, but for the day to day look at my instagram,no more funny bikes, no more fucking about.

Work, good work and lots of it.

Or as Jason says;

If there’s a way out it’s step by step through the dark.

That’s my Revanche.


Happy Sunday.


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Stolen, robadas

20150704_192810 20150704_192854 20150704_192914 bespoked-2015-studio-680

Si alguien vee estas bicicletas, avisen la policia o me avisen Fueron robadas en Barcelona elĀ  domingo (el 12 de este mes). recompensa.

I had a break in on sunday morning, these four bikes were stolen Sunday 12th july in barcelona. Please get in touch if you know anything.reward.

I’ve been recovering saddles for about 6 years.

I’ve always used leather, I find it makes the saddle more comfortable, breathable and it wears very well.

Recently I’ve taken that a step further.


These are just some tests, I’ll be doing more things like this.

I’m trying out different techniques.

Complete bicycles, that means a complete personalization.

Function, aesthetics. It’s two sides of the same coin.

It’s going to take a bit of time to sort out all the branches of my bike building tree.


Every life form seems to strive to its maximum except human beings. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. Human beings, on the other hand, have been given the dignity of choice. You can choose to be all or you can choose to be less. Why not stretch up to the full measure of the challenge and see what all you can do?

Jim Rohn.


I’ll be recovering a few saddles this week, they’re going on some builds I’m nearly ready to show you.

I just wish there were more hours in each day.

thanks for reading, happy sunday.

well done mad bicycle inventor genius man

well done mad bicycle inventor genius man

There’s a lot of work in this bicycle, I hope it goes to someone who takes care of it.

This is a fine bike, I’d love to commute on it.

I’d put lights in the eyes, and it would be totally legal.

It would look great parked outside the shop.

High vantage point dominates traffic.  You're riding a T rex skeleton bicycle. Read that again.

High vantage point dominates traffic. You’re riding a T rex skeleton bicycle. Read that again.

Sadly, I’m just too far away.

If anyone’s in the area, and has the space, think about it.

If you’re in the area, have the space, and are planning on coming to Barcelona, get in touch, I’ll cover excess baggage fee.

click here for the listing.

Electrical power (wikipedia)

Main article: Electric power

The instantaneous electrical power P delivered to a component is given by

 P(t) = I(t) \cdot V(t) \,


P(t) is the instantaneous power, measured in watts (joules per second)
V(t) is the potential difference (or voltage drop) across the component, measured in volts
I(t) is the current through it, measured in amperes

If the component is a resistor with time-invariant voltage to current ratio, then:

 P=I \cdot V = I^2 \cdot R = \frac{V^2}{R} \,


 R = \frac{V}{I} \,

is the resistance, measured in ohms.

If you’re still reading this it’s pretty obvious you can explain things in different ways.

You’ll probably look at your household appliances differently, yet you’ll probably forget the formula.

I think you need both

Something simple. Intuitive. Memorable. Fun.

And the analysis.

Without the first, Communication is very dry, uncomunicative.

Without the second, it’s shallow, hollow.

One’s the balloon, that flutters in the wind, the otherĀ  is the string and weight, keeping it from flying away.

You notice the balloon, but it’s only there because it hasn’t flown away.

thanks, Dave.

thanks, Dave.

Bicycles are what I love. They’re also my work.

There’s a word, used in Aesthetics, the German Gesamtkunstwerk.

It means a total work.

Doing the store’s interior decorating, I thought of this concept. So that’s what I did.

I also had to dust off some skills I’d not used for a while.

I worked with wood again, I made some bike stands, storage crates, amongst other things.

My father was a antiques restorer, wood is something I’ve worked with all my life.

Fabrics. Again, I’ve made a few things I needed.

Aprons I’m tryin’ out, tote bags, I’ll be doing some messenger bags.

My mother was an upholsterer, so I’m used to sewing.

I found I really enjoyed being with those materials again.

I’ve done some leatherwork for about ten years now. Basic stuff, but I’d like to find the time to expand that.

(All these things will be available).

I make frames.

My goal is to make the best bicycle I can. If there’s something that works I’ll buy it.

If there isn’t, I’ll make it.

Wood, textiles and leather.


Then tell all y’all about it, striking my own balance between the toaster and Wikipedia.

Making the shop sign.

Making the shop sign.

take care. Happy Sunday.

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