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Electrical power (wikipedia)

Main article: Electric power

The instantaneous electrical power P delivered to a component is given by

 P(t) = I(t) \cdot V(t) \,


P(t) is the instantaneous power, measured in watts (joules per second)
V(t) is the potential difference (or voltage drop) across the component, measured in volts
I(t) is the current through it, measured in amperes

If the component is a resistor with time-invariant voltage to current ratio, then:

 P=I \cdot V = I^2 \cdot R = \frac{V^2}{R} \,


 R = \frac{V}{I} \,

is the resistance, measured in ohms.

If you’re still reading this it’s pretty obvious you can explain things in different ways.

You’ll probably look at your household appliances differently, yet you’ll probably forget the formula.

I think you need both

Something simple. Intuitive. Memorable. Fun.

And the analysis.

Without the first, Communication is very dry, uncomunicative.

Without the second, it’s shallow, hollow.

One’s the balloon, that flutters in the wind, the otherĀ  is the string and weight, keeping it from flying away.

You notice the balloon, but it’s only there because it hasn’t flown away.

thanks, Dave.

thanks, Dave.

Bicycles are what I love. They’re also my work.

There’s a word, used in Aesthetics, the German Gesamtkunstwerk.

It means a total work.

Doing the store’s interior decorating, I thought of this concept. So that’s what I did.

I also had to dust off some skills I’d not used for a while.

I worked with wood again, I made some bike stands, storage crates, amongst other things.

My father was a antiques restorer, wood is something I’ve worked with all my life.

Fabrics. Again, I’ve made a few things I needed.

Aprons I’m tryin’ out, tote bags, I’ll be doing some messenger bags.

My mother was an upholsterer, so I’m used to sewing.

I found I really enjoyed being with those materials again.

I’ve done some leatherwork for about ten years now. Basic stuff, but I’d like to find the time to expand that.

(All these things will be available).

I make frames.

My goal is to make the best bicycle I can. If there’s something that works I’ll buy it.

If there isn’t, I’ll make it.

Wood, textiles and leather.


Then tell all y’all about it, striking my own balance between the toaster and Wikipedia.

Making the shop sign.

Making the shop sign.

take care. Happy Sunday.

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A voyage in Space, in Flight, in Memory.

I flew a lot, when I was very young. My parents were divorced and living in different countries.

So I flew by myself from London to Pisa. From seven years old to about twelve.

Thirty years ago the world was slightly less neurotic about some things (and more about others).

I remember being invited into the cabin on every flight

I remember the view, the perspective.

It was fantastic.

If anyone reading this worked or works at Alitalia, or British Airways.

Thank you.

A different perspective is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Thank you, Commander Chris Hadfield for yours.

Happy Sunday, to all y’all.

magnetic workshop hack

magnetic workshop hack

It’s an ikea lamp I hung over the workstand, and then hung my most used tools off the light, 4-5-6mm allen, philips screwdriver, torx, spoke wrench and tape measure.

It works really well, tools are put away and always easy to reach.

Chinese road riding drama. Must watch!

seems pretty good.

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It’ll never catch on

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