Mara’s bike.part 4

Mara's bike.part 4

This came back from my painter, grazie!
I’m not going to say how he got that look, but I am going to say it looks gorgeous.
The transparent coating really lets you appreciate just how good the brazing is, how meticulous the filing is as you really can’t hide anything.
I’ll build you one if you like, this is Deda Zero1, Columbus SL would work great as well.

Slight changes (angles,HT,tubing) would yield an excellent hardtail as well.
Some parts still need to be chromed, so it’ll be a January gift rather that Xmas, I built it up, but changed my mind about the cranks.
That, and the tyres (35mm Kojaks) haven’t shown up yet.
I polished the seatpost in a spare moment yesterday.
As usual, click on the pic to get the flickr set.
ciao maru’!

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