Meet Ghiaia.

Meet Ghiaia.

That’s pronounced [‘gja:ja] and means gravel.

But it’s fine for dirt, cobbles and poorly maintained roads.

It’s a fillet brazed road bike for those who appreciate a cross bike, but still want a road bike.
Discs are getting a lot of attention, but for ease of use, simplicity, weight, backwards compatibility & price, rims win.

Key points are.
road geometry for predictable high and low speed handling, adjustable dropouts for geared or singlespeed use,
stainless headtube eliminates cable rub consequences,
long reach shimano brakes,
This bike will also take fenders/mudguards so it’s a good commuting/rain option. You need larger tyres in the wet and with this you can fit up to 28-30mm AND ‘guards.
An excellent road bike especially suited for when roads aren’t excellent.
click on pic for the frontview.

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