Mara’s style cruiser.

Mara's style cruiser.

Fast and fab, that was the design brief.
Fast wasn’t hard, lightweight good quality tubing from dedacciai (Zero uno), and good, reliable components from shimano, schwalbe, mavic and a few others kept the weight down while keeping the build sensible.
Fab, well, I took the things I liked about bikes I’ve ridden round town: dutch bikes, cruisers and hybrids.
Took the good, threw away the bad.
Lowered the bottom bracket and lengthened the chainstays for stability, steepened the Head angle for precision, it just begs to go fast.
Thin 14mm seatstays, mated to oversize tubing and the 35mm tyes keep it comfortable yet snappy.
The Lacquer coating shows off the brazing, nothing to hide here!
Gearing is broad range biased towards the low end, 11-32 cassette, 30 and 39 chainrings, the third one was replaced by a bashguard.
NOS 8speed canti shifters I was keeping for something special. What could be more special than a bike for my aunt, who has been a role model and has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me, ever since always.
Asides from that I never ‘remember’ to give her back her books.
Grazie Mara.
pics in the set if you click on the photo.
Ciao Mara! Quando vuoi, vieni, e’ tua e ti aspetta.

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