Words. (& bikes).

Words. (& bikes).

I studied Interpreting and translating at Uni, it taught me a lot and I’m not sorry to have spent five years doing so, though at the time it was long, hard and sometimes boring.

It was all about words, words as things,as tools.

One of the most satisfying things about this job it that I end up with something real, and something that will be useful or fun, and often both.

I knew that; I’m an artisan’s son. I’d worked as a wrench. I love working with my hands.

Words, is this blog about words or about bicycles?
It’s about things, moments, process, craft and problems. Expressed through words.

It’s about bikes, but there’s a need to put them in context, to explain.

To let you in- I’m not just a man with a file and a torch.

I thought, when I came here, what seems like a lifetime ago, that I’d just be in production, filing and brazing and just making.

There’s been a lot of that.

There’s also been a lot of project management, of marketing, of sales, of accounting, of customer support,of collaboration: with the painters, with the companies I work with, with columbus, deda (and a bit of reynolds), with all sorts of distributors, both bicycle related and non.

I’ve learnt a lot about bikes, but I’ve learnt more about people, as well as myself.

When you see a film, if you stay until they turn the lights on, the list of people who worked to make that film happen is unbelievably long.

It’s like that here.

My aim is to make a product, the best I can.

As important as the end product is, it’s all about people.

The bikes I’ve built have been a collaboration, between  the client, the painter, and the bikes I see around me, built for other people, by other people.

The bicycle is for a person, this blog is for people; you reading what I’m up to.
Similarly, bike rides, the best ones, usually involve meeting or being with people.

I’ve met a lot of lovely people through the years, thanks to bikes, thanks to riding them.

As much as this blog is about a product, it’s about a process.

A human one.

click on the pic for some bicycles made by a person.

Le parole e le persone, le cose e le persone.
A volte, nelle biciclette, perdiamo di vista l’individuo, perdiamo di vista il fatto che le biciclette sono strumenti, non solo per pedalare, ma anche per interagire con altri.
Allo stesso modo che interagisco con voi, gentili lettori.
Allo stesso modo che interagisco coi fornitori, con i clienti, con il verniciatore, le facciamo noi, ma senza collaborazione sarebbe impossibile.
Perche’ per quanto sia un blog molto specifico sui telai artigianali per biciclette, alla fine ogni cosa che facciamo e’ necessariamente umana.


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